How to Beat Anxiety

How to Beat Anxiety

Anxiety is something that can have a profound impact on your life. Everyone who has ever had the misfortune to live through something like anxiety knows exactly what it entails.

First of all, you may try to convince yourself that this is nothing serious and that you’re having just a bad day. After a while, when those “bad days” start to become more frequent, you’ll find other excuses until you run out of them and admit to yourself that you’re suffering from anxiety.

Now, if you think convincing yourself was hard, try to prove to someone else the same thing. Everything you went through yourself now has to take place in someone else’s head. Diagnosing various types of anxiety has become an ordinary thing nowadays, but there’s still an issue with believing someone that mental health conditions like anxiety are ‘real’.

Are You Ready for an Anxiety Free Life?

This notion of disbelief doesn’t affect just laymen who know nothing about it; even physicians often have a hard time believing those who complain about symptoms that are clearly signs of anxiety. Because of this, there’s a huge gap between the first signs of the anxiety disorder and the diagnosing. This precious time is crucial in treating and dealing with the causes of anxiety itself.

Different Methods to Beat Anxiety and Panic Attacks

As anxiety and panic attacks are such a widespread problems, people have developed and used several ways to beat anxiety, more or less successfully. Everything from homeopathy to hard drugs has been tested and tried. Techniques and methods vary from a couple of seconds lasting affirmations based on self-hypnosis to psychotherapy given by professionals and lasting several years.

Anxiolytics are popular drugs, which are especially designed for treating anxiety. These medications work in various ways to help curb both the physiological and psychological symptoms associated with anxiety and panic attacks. All anxiolytics change the release of the hormones and neurotransmitters that are associated with anxiety, depression, or panic attacks. Even these drugs might provide short-term help, they come with possible side effects and some people may develop an addiction to them.

From different psychotherapy methods, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has come somewhat popular among health institutions today. CBT is basically a tool set of psychotherapeutic interventions to treat psychological conditions, like anxiety disorders. CBT is based on behaviorism, which in turn is a school of psychology which considers all our behavior to be learned responses via conditioning. Behaviorists assume that we tend to perform more often those behaviors which are rewarded, and less often those which are punished. But why on earth do we reward anxiety and panic attacks? Human mind is indeed a very complicated thing.

There are also numerous ‘softer’ methods like meditation, herbs, supplements, and for example different breathing techniques with which people have been trying to beat their anxiety and stop panic attacks. Methods like equal breathing, breathing from the stomach and power positions have helped some people to curb a panic attack quickly.


How to Beat Anxiety


But how can you beat anxiety completely? And how can you do it safely, without drugs and without several years lasting therapy?

Panic Miracle is a holistic online program created by Chris Bayliss, a former sufferer of anxiety disorders himself, which helps unveil, diagnose and treat various types of anxiety disorders. Since the author of this program is someone who has experienced anxiety (and recovered from it) first hand, it would be a shame not to test the program he has created with help of his own experience.

After purchasing the program for review purposes I will now take a look at some of the key aspects of this program and try to figure out who it’s for and what you can expect from it if you decide to give it a chance. After suffering from anxiety and anxiety attacks for some decades and now fully recovered, I’m thrilled to take a look of the approach the book is going to reveal and compare them with my experience, the results of my research and the ways the professional psychologists have treated me.

How to Beat Anxiety with Panic Miracle

Panic Miracle by Chris Bayliss is a holistic approach to anxiety that aims at treating anxiety and the deep-rooted causes of this mental health condition. I say ‘deep-rooted’ because Panic Miracle is not something that deals only with the symptoms of anxiety, but really gets into the things that matter most in treating this kind of disorder.

Anyone who has been treated by a clinical physician knows the amount of time that’s often wasted on treating symptoms instead of the causes of the mental health condition. (After taking Prozac for 12 years and occasionally Valium even for longer time, I’m a living proof of that.) However, Bayliss understands that this time is precious, as it’s literally the last wake-up call you’ll get before reaching the point of no return. Sure, treating symptoms can have a short-time effect and is sometimes justified, but in the long run you’re always better off with the treatment that gets to the root of the problem. Always. The medication does have its side effects as well, so treating the root cause is really important.

I’m a huge fan of self-help programs, I guess because because I’ve beaten my anxiety all by myself. Fed up with all the dangerous drugs and useless therapies, this is how I beat anxiety, with natural, drug-free and holistic methods.

The Panic Miracle program covers a variety of aspects that are affected by all kinds of anxiety. Mental, physical, social, emotional, biological and environmental aspects of anxiety are first understood and made clear, before the tailored treatment is administered through the day-to-day program covered in whopping 250 pages of the e-book – Panic Miracle System.

The core of the program is the so called ‘3-step system’. The e-book covers this well-planned out guide towards an anxiety-free life in great detail and offers a lot of bonus information about the nature of anxiety itself along the way. Bonuses that come with this program include The Panic Miracle Relaxation Recordings, a set of audio MP3s meant for relaxation and meditation; another book titled The Ultimate Stress Relief Guide, also by the same author; Panic Miracle updates for life; and a 3 month private email counseling with the author himself.


There is one great thing about this entire program that has to be mentioned in this section of the review right away: the Panic Miracle holistic program doesn’t promote the use of prescription drugs. Yes, that’s right. The whole program is based on natural and holistic approaches towards reaching an understanding of what anxiety really is, what causes it, and how to approach it without damaging your body. Personally, I’m sick of medical companies and their huge influence on how to treat anxiety and panic attacks. Let’s be clear here: I’m not against medication (yes, medication is often needed in addition to more holistic anxiety treatments and therapies), I’m against overmedication, which in reality is a massive problem. I’m thrilled to notice that Panic Miracle concentrates on natural approaches and non-prescription medication.

Another great thing of this program is the use of different approaches how to beat anxiety and panic attacks. For those who are interested, there’s a spiritual side to the treatment that will clear your understanding of what anxiety represents in the lives of every person. Furthermore, you will be introduced to a great array of mental approaches, as well as physical manifestations of your mental health condition. The versatility of the methods and procedures with thorough descriptions and explanations make sure that everybody will find the techniques that will work perfectly for them.

The language of the program is understandable to everyone. The author knows that the book is meant for a wide audience and thus designed the way he speaks to us in a neutral and non-vocational voice, which gives this program a particular simplicity in its approach. Even the book is long, it’s clear and easy to read.

Beat Your Anxiety and Panic Attacks NOW!



Finding cons is often the easiest part of a review like this. Because of that, it comes as a surprise that writing cons for this program proves itself as being a bit harder than I’d initially thought. Don’t get me wrong – I found some minor cons, but they were not as obvious as they usually are with other programs. I’ve found myself feeling really disappointed for so many times after purchasing digital products or self-help guides that finding a well-written truly helpful guide was a welcomed surprise.

The major thing concerning me was the (usual!) recommendation of well-balanced diet, meaning complex carbohydrates like fruits and whole grains, moderate amount of fat and protein. Sure, if that works for you, it’s perfectly fine. However, restricting the amount of – both simple and complex – carbohydrates drastically, and omitting grains and cereals completely bring sometimes even better results when it comes to your physical and mental well-being. We are all individuals, and this book mercifully takes that into account. For example, the book recommends to avoid potatoes (yes, there are better and healthier alternatives!) and add more gluten-free foods to your diet, which is certainly a welcomed point.

I sincerely recommend to check the section about food, and choose the right nutritional approach for you. Some people can handle dairy and grains, whereas some people not. Unfortunately no doctor can tell you what you are able to tolerate but you have to test it yourself. Also in that case this book points you in the right direction no matter what your optimal individual diet might look like in the end. You get well-reasoned recommendations what to eat and what to avoid in order to beat anxiety. Food has a tremendous effect on our minds, and one of the first things you have to do in your way to curb anxiety is to change the way you eat.


How to Beat Anxiety

I also noticed the strict program you have to follow in order to see results. Sure, every treatment demands self-control and endurance, but this one obligates you to a day-to-day commitment. This is not necessary a negative thing, as it will surely show results in the end and makes you really take action. You see, taking action is the most challenging part of any program (or anything in the life!), and following the instructions given in this book makes it easier for you. It does the heavy lifting for you so it’s easy to take that action and see results. If you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, or depression, it’s indeed good that somebody has done that heavy lifting and you can use your energy for recovering and following the program.

With the Panic Miracle program, there are a lot of things to get your head around – when you first get the e-book and the bonuses I mentioned, you’ll be happy to get your money’s worth of products, but as soon as you start the program you’ll be overwhelmed by the things you have to do. I suggest to start slow, from lesson one and to carefully follow instructions. The most important thing is again to take that action, like in everything when you want to change things or get something done. And when it comes to beating anxiety, there is no excuse to wait until tomorrow but take the action now, before things get even worse and the anxiety and panic attacks are even harder to curb.


After testing the 6 week Panic Miracle, I came to the conclusion that the author of this program truly understands the concepts behind suffering from anxiety. Furthermore, he manages to find a way of creating, not only a book, but to pen out a plan that suits most people who have the same or similar mental health conditions. It’s quite impressive that he has done very thorough research and clearly knows what he is talking about. I find the information very helpful, even for different people and different situations. The techniques to beat anxiety and panic attacks are thorough and actually the best ones I have seen. That’s why I highly recommend this program to anyone who’s searching for a holistic, drug-free and safe approach to beat their anxiety or panic attacks. There is also full money-back guarantee so trying the program is completely risk-free. That as well is always a sign of a high-quality program.

Find here YOUR Way to Curb Anxiety!



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