What is Anxiety?

What is Anxiety?

Do you feel nervous, worried, fearful and stressed all the time? Do you often feel like there is always a huge lump in your throat that you cannot swallow because you are so stressed and nervous that it makes you physically incapable of doing your normal day-to-day tasks? If you are experiencing this on a normal basis, then you may have what psychologists call anxiety disorder. There are many kinds of anxiety and it will usually require that you visit a doctor for you to be given the right treatment suitable for your case. You can also treat anxiety yourself by using holistic programs.

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What is Anxiety

So what is anxiety? Anxiety is a general term used for a range of disorders characterized under phobias, nervousness, apprehension, and worrying. These disorders affect how we make decisions, how we feel emotionally and they can affect our ability to react in certain situations, especially if you have a phobia.

The effects of anxiety affect different kinds of people and have different effects on them. Depending on the intensity, if the diagnosis on your condition is severe, it can be extremely hard to cope with and can affect your daily life.

Honestly, it is normal for a person to feel nervous, scared and fearful when confronting a serious challenge in life, like a test, an examination, a performance, something related to meeting new people, and even a normal job interview.

In plain words, anxiety occurs when your reaction becomes out of proportion from the normal reaction that people will expect from you in that certain situation. If this disorder becomes hard for you to cope with, you must seek for professional help from a psychologist or a doctor so you can be given the appropriate treatment for this. As first aid, you can try a proven self-help method to treat your symptoms and the root cause behind your anxiety.

Do not worry, anxiety is a very treatable disorder, as long as you cooperate with your doctor, and tell them everything that you experience while you are out interacting with different people, or how you decide on your decisions in life, then it shouldn’t be hard to get better from the disorder. As long as you take real action, no matter whether it’s your therapist appointments or a self-help method, you will be better in no time.

3 Most Common Types of anxiety

Since anxiety in general is related to phobias, fears, stress, and nervousness, there are actually seven types of anxiety disorder that you may want to educate yourself with before you go to a doctor. It is important to know the nature of your disorder, so that you know how to deal with it and control it in the future. Below are the most common three types of anxiety.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

This is a pretty common type of anxiety, and you will normally find these kinds of disorders in people who are particularly picky with what they eat, how they put on clothes, and how they act towards other people. Obsessive-compulsive disorder is characterized usually with a repetitive and intrusive behavior. Kind of like little rituals that cannot be stopped or prevented from happening.

People with OCD are aware that their condition is often compulsive and unreasonably irrational, but regardless of this, they will do anything to alleviate their anxiety, even if it means stepping on other people to get what they want.

The mindset of a person who has OCD will often appear senseless. As mentioned above they have a pattern of behavior that only they will understand and will insist in doing it on a daily basis, like walking in certain patterns, (for example: if there are cracks or patterns on the ground, they wont be able to walk on those patterns, because they only prefer surfaces that are flat and plain. No one can explain this, not even the patient with OCD, but it is part of their small rituals to alleviate anxiety.)

They may also have the tendency to over-clean their personal belongings, hands, and repetitively lock their doors, (they will often have a specific number when they lock their doors) turn on light switches, and stoves. The best trait about OCD patients is their neediness to be clean all the time. They are in some ways perfectionists, but it is most definitely a better trait than being dirty or careless.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

This type of disorder can be found for example in soldiers, victims of rape, victims of serious accidents, and victims of a serious hostage situation. Basically anyone who has encountered some kind of traumatic event in their life that involves life or death.

The most common people, who acquire this type of disorder, are normally soldiers that come from battle, or rape victims. The victim will usually encounter a series of flashbacks, which makes it hard for them to sleep at night because the events that take place, are engraved in their minds and become nightmares.

Sometimes when the anxiety worsens, victims will often become totally different people afterwards, because the images and flashbacks worsen over time. That is why it is important for soldiers or rape victims to undergo psychotherapy to learn how to control the flashbacks properly.

Separation anxiety disorder

This kind of anxiety is often found in infants, toddlers and in some adults. Have you felt like your kid is too attached to you? That is what you call separation anxiety disorder is. It is characterized, by the high levels of anxiety a patient feels when getting separated from a person they feel comfortable and safe around.

it is normal for a child to get this feeling, but if it worsens and becomes a hand full, especially if it becomes excessive, and inappropriate, then it may be a more severe type of separation anxiety disorder.

If your child has this type of severe disorder, it is important to get them to a psychologist, so that they can be corrected at an early age. Separation anxiety at a young age if left untreated can become a lot worse when your kids become adults, because it could mean that they will not be able to go anywhere without you accompanying them everywhere.

Always remember that separation anxiety at a young age can be treated, for as long as you get the behavior fixed right away.

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Remember that anxiety is a mental disorder and if you know someone who may be suffering from it, always encourage them to get the treatment they need. Or, if you suffer from anxiety so considerably that it disturbs your everyday life, take action and book a doctor appointment and while waiting for that, use an efficient holistic program to start your healing process.

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