Signs of Depression in Men

Signs of Depression in Men

Are you the type of person who gets tired and moody all the time? Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Have you lost interest in your work, family, or hobbies?
If you feel this on a regular basis, and it’s starting to become a hindrance to your everyday life, then you may have depression.

Compared to how women take depression, signs of depression in men vary, and when a man has this condition, he often has trouble coping with his life, and loses interest in everything that he used to be passionate about.

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Depression Overview

Both men and women get depressed, some more than others. But the only difference is, men experience depression differently from women. Men who have depression are more intense, and they experience the symptoms 10 times worse than women do.

While most depressed women can still function every day knowing that they have depression, men usually cannot. Women are more likely to attempt suicide, but more men actually end up dying because of their suicidal tendencies.

As we all know, women are more vocal with their emotions, which is why it is easier for them to seek help from other people, but men on the other hand, tend to keep to themselves, and would rather not talk about what they feel. Men are very secretive people when it comes to showing emotion, and it is very hard for them to tell people about what bothers them, because they are men.

Being a man means that they have to be strong for themselves, and show other people that they are strong on the outside, but in the inside they are already dying to tell somebody, this is because of their pride. It is very seldom that you can get a man to talk about their feelings and actually mean what they say.

In order to get through to a man who has a wall so high up that you cant even climb it, is by being comfortable to talk to. If a man feels that he can talk to you without being judged, nagged, or told what to do, he will tell you what is bothering him. Men are very proud creatures, and they will never let anyone know how they feel because it is part of being macho.

If you want to find out if a man has depression, you must be easy to talk to. Be the type of person who is non judgmental and he will tell you what he feels. If you have his trust, that’s the time that you suggest he seek medical help, that way he wont feel like you are ordering or demanding him to seek help. If you understand how a man thinks, you will open a gateway of opportunity to find out the reason why he is feeling depressed.

Symptoms of Depression in Men

• Feeling of emptiness and sadness.
• Feeling hopeless, irritable, anxious, or angry.
• Always very tired.
• Inability to meet responsibilities at work, or caring for family.
• Excessive eating.
• Thoughts of suicide, or even a number of suicide attempts.
• Not being able to sleep or sleeping too much.
• Lack of concentration, or failure to remember certain details.
• Loss of interest in activities that they once loved.
• Neglect.
• Constant aches or pains.
• Cramps.
• Digestive problems.

Why do men get depressed?

Men and women have different causes for depression, and both men and women seem to have different reasons for why they get depressed. But for men in general, there are actually several factors that contribute to their depression:

• Stress – Stress is a pretty common reason for why people become severely depressed. Stress can be caused by anything like loss of a loved one, a bad relationship, problems with work, health related issues, or family.

Any situation that involves stress can trigger depression in a man, especially if he is already starting to feel like he is having a hard time. For example a man is in a relationship and the person he loves breaks up with him, sometimes that can cause depression in a man. Signs of depression in men, as stated above, is loss of appetite, difficulty to sleep and etc.

• Genes – if your family has a history of this disorder, then it is most likely that you can be prone to developing it, as compared to those in your family who doesn’t have the condition.

As you might not have known, depression can be passed down to another person in your family who might have had it before giving birth to you. Since depression is a medical condition, if your parents had this, then you can develop this condition, even if there is no cause.

Hormones – mental disorders are developed because somehow there is something that is keeping your brain from working properly. For a person with depression hormonal control in the brain is different from that of a normal person. It will be hard for them to think and decide properly emotionally. Their perception on things will always be interrupted by something else, and they will always have frequent mood swings that will affect the situation and the people surrounding them.

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Signs of depression in men vary from those of women. If you suspect you may be suffering from depression or if you know a guy friend that seems depressed, it’s important that they seek treatment as soon as possible. Depression can significantly affect a person’s quality of life and may cause them to shun friends and family. Don’t wait until the problem gets worse. Give them all the love and support they need, but don’t forget that proper treatment is crucial to a positive outcome.

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