Relationship Anxiety

Relationship Anxiety

Are you in a happy relationship? Are you the type of person who gets nervous when you start to feel like your relationship is falling apart? Are you worried about getting cheated on? Sometimes even the thought of dating, marriage, relationships, and even divorce can make a person nervous and anxious.

Love is a very strong emotion, and it is enough to make a person go crazy, whenever they suspect that their partner is cheating or lying to them. It is actually one of the most powerful emotions that any human being can feel, because it is genuine and it will determine whom you spend the rest of your life with in the future.

If you really think about it, relationship anxiety can mean different things to different people, and can often be very complicated. If you really care about the person you are in a relationship with, you will do anything to stop the anxiety from eating you up.

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What is Relationship Anxiety?

Having anxiety means that you have a certain phobia, trust issues, or even abandonment issues, which have nothing to do with your partner whatsoever. It becomes hard for you to trust your partner even if they are the type of person who would never be capable of hurting you.

This type of anxiety is common, and it can be very destructive over time. Anxiety can loosen a bond between a couple, and it will be more reason for you and your partner to fight all the time, if you do not find a way to get it under control.

If you are someone who struggles with this problem on a daily basis, there can be plenty of reasons why loving you will come very easy. Like all normal relationships, a bond between a man and a woman requires trust, tenderness, vulnerability and patience.

Always remember that anxiety in relationships happen not only to you, but to other people as well. There are a lot of ways that you can avoid it from happening, just make sure that you take note of what is causing the anxiety, so that you can get it under control.

Causes of Relationship Anxiety

If you really think about it, there are a lot of people or things that can trigger an anxiety attack when you are in a relationship. Sometimes it can be caused by a trauma, or an abusive relationship.

Being in an abusive relationship is not healthy at all, and it is quite understandable how a person can develop such traumas or anxiety towards their partner. But, abusive relationships are completely different from anxieties caused from raising children, or infidelity.

All in all, there are a lot of serious issues in a relationship that can cause anxiety, and there are also petty issues that can cause anxiety. In general, all reasons for you to have anxieties is a struggle that you have to fight on your own.

Some of the most common causes are:


This is perhaps the most common form of anxiety that any couple can struggle with in their relationship. Stress can be caused by a number of reasons; it can be due to work, personal problems, health issues, family issues, pressure, and etc.

Stress develops over time, and it won’t be hard to notice that you are getting anxiety disorders because of it. When you’re in a tense relationship, you’ll have a tendency to stay tense all the time. The outcome will often lead to an argument between you and your partner because the stress can become unmanageable, and will eventually cause you to take it out on your partner, which is not right.

If you are experiencing stress, try to control it. There are a lot of ways that you can stay away from feeling stressed, by relaxing, bonding with your partner, or taking deep breaths. Use this to your advantage to make your partner your pillow, not your punching bag.

Develop a comfort in letting out stress the right way using your partner as support. That way you avoid fights and at the same time develop a deeper relationship with one another.

Constant negativity

Would you like it if your partner were negative? Of course not. Always keep in mind that struggling relationships stem from negativity. Couples loose the spark, because someone in their relationship becomes too criticizing and unsupportive.

When a relationship is negative all the time, anxiety can develop which is why it should be your mission to stay positive all the time, even when your partner finds no reason to be positive. Give your partner all kinds of support when needed, so that they feel appreciated and loved.

While it is not completely clear how negative thinking can cause anxiety, nevertheless it is still a very big problem, and it should be controlled.

Loss of trust

This is another common cause of relationship anxiety in couples that can ruin a relationship. Of course, trust plays a big role in your relationship.

It is understandable to lose your trust in a partner if for example; they commit an act of infidelity towards you. Anxiety develops because you can be tricked into false promises and other excuses. But generally speaking, if you have less serious reasons to feel like you do not trust your partner, like when they forget to do small errands for the house, or forget to pick up your child from school, that is already a sign of anxiety.

Whether the reason is big or small, trust is very important and if you feel like you no longer trust your partner because of such reasons, then you should communicate with them effectively. Communicating with your partner will save you a lot of time, and it will build your relationship.

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People in a relationship should not keep things from one another. If you are developing anxiety because your partner is causing it, let them know immediately. Doing so will make your relationship stronger, and at the same time build trust. Support each other and work out whatever problem comes your way. Doing these things can help you avoid relationship anxiety.

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