How to Control Anxiety

How to Control Anxiety

Do you have anxiety? Do you have a hard time controlling it? If you think about it in a positive sense, anxiety can come in handy when you want to act on something quickly. Worrying will get your adrenaline up, which causes the body to look for solutions right away.

When it’s a spur of the moment kind of thing and you haven’t got any ideas left in your head to fix the problem, your constant worrying will make you consistent in finding a solution. But, if your worrying turns into the type where you only think about “what ifs” and worst case scenarios, your anxiety can turn into a huge burden.

Having anxiety is already one thing, because it makes you nervous all the time, but if your worries and nervousness become steady and sometimes you cannot control your emotions when something happens to you, then you may be experiencing an anxiety disorder. So, the question really is, how to control anxiety?

Do not worry, because these conditions are treatable and completely easy to control, you just have to find the right techniques. Since worrying is a mental human habit, you can always train your brain to keep calm in times of a hard situation.

Control your anxiety already today!

The first step to overcoming this disorder is to accept the fact that your anxiety will always be a part of you, and the only way for you to control it is for you to positively work around it, turn it into something positive. Taking something negative and turning it into something positive, will not only make you feel more relaxed, but it will also keep you from freaking out when you have to worry about something important.

If you do not know where to start, and you are determined to help yourself control your condition, here are some ways that you can regulate your disorder in a healthy and positive way:

Challenge your anxiety

For a person with an anxiety disorder, sometimes challenging your thoughts can be very difficult, in fact it is very nerve wracking to think about. Even if this method feels like the end of the world for you, it is a very healthy solution to try and challenge your anxiety with questions that will make you realize that what you are thinking about is not true.

The way we think about things has a huge impact on our mood, and the more that you start to think negatively, the more that the outcome of the situation will be negative. Many thoughts occur without warning, sometimes it really is very hard to control, but you should always be on top of your thoughts at all times.

Remember that thoughts are just thoughts, they are mental cognitions which are a mental adaptation of how you feel towards a certain situation. They have no real basis, and some are not even factual thoughts. That’s why they belong in your head, because sometimes your thoughts can be useful, but at often times they can be very useless.

When you start to feel anxious about yourself or a stressful situation, challenge your thoughts by asking yourself questions. For example, when you go out and you are a bunch of friends, you see a very handsome guy and you think you are not good enough for him, so you start to think of things like “am I good enough for him?” “Am I boring”, “I am so ugly, maybe that’s why I never get noticed”.

If you know within yourself that it is not true, challenge your thoughts by asking yourself questions like “am I falling into a thinking trap?” “Am I really what I say I am?” and ultimately: “How to control anxiety?”; that way your brain stops the negative thinking and focuses on the positive questions that you ask yourself.

Also remember that your thoughts are also based on wrong assumptions, and whatever you perceive yourself to be can be challenged in a healthier way. Your thoughts can be turned into insecurities. If you know that you are not at all an ugly or bad person, then challenge your thoughts; you’ll see that the outcome will become positive.

Always keep in mind, that thoughts are just thoughts, they are not factual, they are no basis, and so forth. If you think this way, it will help you a lot during hard situations and keep you relaxed.

Be aware of how others impact you

For someone who is suffering from personal anxiety issues, the people they hang out with can affect how they feel. Emotions can be contagious, and if the person you are with is feeling particularly upset, annoyed, crazy, and etc. you also have the tendency to feel the same way.

Not only people with anxiety but also anyone can quickly catch a “mood” from somebody else they are with. You can even get it from strangers that you might be sitting beside. If the stranger you are sitting next to starts to feel terrified, and you have a personal anxiety disorder, the tendency is you will star to feel amplified emotions of fear.

If this happens to you, analyze the situation, ask yourself if asking her what the problem is, or why she is scared, going to benefit you? Or is it just going to make you freak out? Do not make stupid decisions like asking why she is scared; because you will feel worse than her, you might even end up with the problem instead of her.

Choose the people you hang out with; do not choose to hang out with people who are always negative. It is better to surround yourself with happy people than get sucked into another person’s drama. Unless you are very close with that person, and spend every waking day with them, or at least hang out frequently, do not surround yourself with people who are filled with drama.

Remember that you have an anxiety disorder, as much as you would want to stick around to listening about what the other person has to say, you already move forward and end up feeling depressed as well. That is wrong.

Always make sure that the people you are with are happy and have a positive outlook in life.

Is this the most efficient way to control your anxiety?



Anxiety can affect all aspects of your life – work, relationships and finances. Don’t allow it to take control and instead, you have to learn how to control anxiety by getting proper treatment and professional help.

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