Homeopathy for Anxiety

Homeopathy for Anxiety

Homeopathy is considered working by helping the body heal itself by means of introducing to the body a substance similar to the one causing the symptoms but in small doses. It is based on the concept that like cures like. This means that if a substance makes a healthy person have the particular symptoms, giving an ill person small doses of the substance helps to cure the ailment.

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is used to treat anxiety as well as other illnesses. The process uses liquid or pills with a small amount of the active ingredient being used to treat the illness. This is based on the belief that an element that causes an illness can be used to cure it if used in a diluted form that cannot cause the illness.
Various homeopathic remedies are used in treating anxiety, although not all of them are associated in causing anxiety when used in large doses.
Some of these remedies include:

Aconitum napellus that is used for treating panic attacks caused by anxiety.
Arsenicum album for treating anxiety caused by fear of losing control.
Natrum Muriaticum for chest pains anxiety.

The remedies are used based on the anxiety symptoms they cause and the beliefs associated with them.
Homeopathy can be applied in cases of anxiety that are not serious and those that do not involve serious depressive issues such as suicide, bipolar disorder and other severe mental disorders. Serious cases should use other methods such as the use of psychiatrist and a doctor. Homeopathy should only be part of the treatment and not the only way.
Before starting the homeopathic treatment for anxiety, you should make sure that you are suffering from anxiety and the symptoms are not related to another illness such as stomach ulcers or hypothyroidism. You can get the assurance of the symptoms by seeing a doctor first to make the diagnosis.


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Homeopathic medicines for treating anxiety

Due to the many homeopathic medicines that are available and that are used for treating various anxiety symptoms, it may be challenging to know which to use. The best option is to meet a certified homeopath, however you can certainly familiarize yourself first about homeopathy and the medicines that are used. Below is a closer look to some of the homeopathic medicines for treating anxiety.

Arsenicum album. Arsenic in its toxic form causes gastroenteritis. Therefore, it forms a good homeopathic remedy for someone suffering from anxiety with symptoms such as diarrhea, indigestion and panic attacks. It is suitable for someone who is anxious about health and security, who is obsessive with little details and who feels the need to control everything.

Natrum muriaticum. This is used to treat stress such as observed in mild depression. It is usually helpful to someone who has not recovered from loss or shock. The person may be experiencing low moods, feeling of not enough grieving for a loss, appearing distant and cold. Other symptoms may be feeling that one is doing too much, tired and resentful. The person may fear narrow spaces, worry about night robbers and terrified of rejection. Migraines, insomnia, isolation are some of the other symptoms a person may exhibit. Natrum helps to reduce the symptoms of depression.

Ignatia. This homeopathic treatment is suitable to those suffering from depression and anxiety due to shock, bereavement or loss. The person usually has mood swings where one can be laughing one minute and crying the next. Other indications include frequent sighing and defensive attitude. The person may also experience headaches and cramping pains.

Sepia. This treatment is suitable for those suffering from anxiety and they feel unworthy to be loved. It can be used for women who are depressed such that they lack interest in life, are sad, solitary and silent.

Gelsemium. This is the remedy for someone feeling weak, trembling and with mental dullness. The person may also be experiencing stage fright because of an interview or public performance and may feel anxious before a test or a stressful event. Other symptoms include diarrhea, perspiration, fear of falling and fear of clouds.

Does homeopathy work in reducing anxiety?

In as much as people choose to use homeopathy to cure illnesses such as anxiety, there is no documented evidence of its effectiveness. However, those who support the use of homeopathy argue that there are studies showing the effectiveness of the treatment. Despite that, these studies tend to have flaws such as a high error margin. Some of the issues arising when homeopathy is explored in depth include:

Dilution. Homeopathy involves diluting ingredients. Sometimes the dilution is so much that there are no ingredients left. This means that the only thing left is water, which is unlikely to treat the illness.

Placebo effect. When studies are being conducted, the success of homeopathy is similar to that of the placebo. This raises the question of whether the healing is mental or homeopathy actually works.

Safety. Homeopathy medication is prepared under unregulated conditions. In some cases, the ingredients turn out poisonous if the dilution is not enough. This means that the medication may not be safe enough for consumption.

Despite the flaws and the issues associated with homeopathic medicine, you should try it if you believe in it. However, you should make sure that you use a trustworthy distributer. This is because the medicine is not regulated. You should note that homeopathy is given based on individual needs and it does not use a set standard and what may work on one person may be unsuccessful on another. You also might want to use holistic anxiety treatment approaches in conjunction with homeopathy.


Homeopathy is one of the methods of treating anxiety without using the conventional drugs but with drugs that produce similar symptoms to the illness. The ingredients used in the treatment are the diluted form of the illness. Despite its use, the process is unregulated and therefore one needs to be careful when choosing a practitioner. There are many types of homeopathic medicines for anxiety and that is why it is important to make sure you know the symptoms of your illness before trying to use the drugs.

Although the homeopathy has its fans, there is still an argument if it reduces anxiety due to its shortcomings. One should use the method if they believe in it.

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