Healthy Lemon Gelatin Dessert Recipe

Healthy Lemon Gelatin Dessert Recipe

Healthy Lemon Gelatin Dessert Recipe

Now, what do gelatin desserts have to do with anxiety? It’s simple: you can enjoy healthy desserts that curb your anxiety! Even you definitely want to try out more holistic methods to treat anxiety, diet is something that has an enormous impact on your mood. This recipe is a wonderful example that you really should try. As in all my recipes, every single ingredient is well-thought. I don’t want to waste your or my time to worthless BS, which means unnecessary ingredients. Also on my other blog and the recipes there, I concentrate on just the essential things, without sacrificing anything when it comes to flavor, texture or healthiness. Believe me, I’ve developed recipes for different dietary needs for decades and you can fully trust my skills.

But with this recipe, I want to calm down your body and mind while pleasing your taste buds, not cause sugar rush with all those awkwardly nasty consequences. You know those. I bet you do. Even if you think you are doing fine, just try to leave out ALL the sugar (that starch as well, so no pasta, rice or corn, since your body handles them like sugar in the end) from your diet for a month and see your condition improve before your very eyes. It’s the sugar that is the root of all evil, and nowadays food industry loves to add sugar and different syrups to even foods which you think would never contain anything sweet.

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To eliminate the need for commercial crap-Jell-Os, I’ve used herbal lemon tea as base and sweetened this unbelievably palatable and calorie-wise feather-light dessert with stevia. Unflavored, grass-fed gelatin is just a perfect ingredient not only as gelling agent, but in every thinkable way: gelatin and its collagen takes care of your joints and nerves alike. It’s great for your skin, too. Always try to go for grass-fed gelatin. You want to use the purest possible ingredients. Cows raised under intensive farming have first of all unfavorable fat composition, but they are often fed antibiotics, soy, hormones and other unnatural stuff that they would never get when raised in natural ways.

To obtain all the elegant lemon flavors, I’ve used lemon stevia in addition to unflavored stevia. In any case, be sure to use only natural sweeteners (I mean IF you can use sweeteners!), since it’s indeed a very individual thing how your body and mind react to different sweeteners. Some people can use stevia without any problems, some get terrible symptoms, be it upset stomach, allergic skin reaction or miscellaneous other symptoms.

Stevia and erythritol are great natural sweeteners. Forget aspartame, sucralose or acesulfame potassium. They cause lots of health problems (even the Big Food and the Big Pharma do their best to hide that!) and you should avoid them at all costs. If you cannot live without sweet stuff, try stevia and erythritol. They are usually well-tolerated, they are natural and they don’t rise blood sugar.


Developing the Healthy Lemon Gelatin Dessert Recipe

Now I really have to mention a few words about developing this recipe. I have always been a researcher by nature. My mom constantly tells me how I broke all my toys when I was kid because I wanted to see what was inside. Yes, I wanted to research everything. My curiosity was endless. It still is.

So, when sweetening this dessert, I wanted to find the ultimate stevia flavor that fits perfectly with the other flavors in the dessert. In addition to plain, unflavored sweetener, like Sukrin Melis (powdered erythritol), I needed something flavorful to give more power and simply more taste, even the herbal lemon tea as such was very powerful and gave a wonderful, more “multidimensional” taste.

So, I made a nice assembly of the flavored stevias I had, dropped a few drops of each in the lemon tea I had put to various cough syrup measurement cups and plastic schnapps glasses. Then, the most exciting part of my research: tasting.

I tasted each concoction, keeping some pauses in between, then tasting again. In the end it was surprisingly easy to find my most favorite combinations. I let my son taste as well, and we indeed shared the same preferences. Like mother, like son.

And here is a photo of my tests (That’s my cat Pete in the background):

Testing Stevias for Gelatin Dessert

Testing Flavored Stevias

Here is the list of the flavored stevias I tested, followed by my opinion and a short description on how well they went with the Lemon Zinger tea (* = inedible; ***** = incredible):

Peach ** (nice peach flavor, a little bit sour, after tasting more than once, tasted quite awkward)
Orange **** (fruity, delicious flavor, quite like orange juice)
Tropical fruit *** (just like bubble gum! Not good for gelatin dessert, maybe for iced tea instead. I bet kids love it!)
Berry ***½ (tasty berry flavor, not too bitter but slightly sour)
Pomegranate blueberry ** (too bitter and weird side taste)
Cherry Vanilla ** (needs lots of additional sweetness from unflavored stevia, vanilla doesn’t fit)
Strawberry ** (really bitter, with only slight strawberry flavor)
Cinnamon * (doesn’t suit at all! Terrible, couldn’t drink it)
Lemon Twist ***** (really tasty, with elegant and fresh lemon flavor. The best!)

So, as we can see, lemon it is. Lemon tea with lemon stevia was maybe a bit surprising (or not!) but clearly the best combination in my opinion. I think the runner up was orange, but since my last recipe was full of orange flavor, I didn’t want to repeat myself. In any case, feel free to try and test your own flavor combinations and choose the best one for your taste buds.


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Oh, still one note: please use filtered water when making this Healthy Lemon Gelatin Dessert Recipe. Not only gives it more pure taste, but it also is without impurities and residues of the nasty stuff they put in tap water. I use MAVEA (Brita in Europe) water filtration pitcher. With easily replaceable filters, you can always be sure that you are enjoying pure, fresh-tasting water.


Like you see, this dessert is practically without calories, which should lighten up your mind, as you have no reason to be guilty after enjoying this dessert, no matter whether it’s just a one tiny piece, or the whole thing.

I hope you enjoy this Healthy Lemon Gelatin Dessert. Please share it also with your friends and guests, I bet they will be delighted!


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